Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Zenith Blog Post

Taking the Stress Out of Honors
A look at how honors students stay stress free and happy!

"How do I keep the stress out of honors and classes in general? Music. Music is (or should be) a big part of everyone’s lives, but for me it’s something different. I recently began to broaden my musical horizons, from low-tier nu-metal and hard rock into genres like “Atmospheric Black Metal” and “Hardcore Folk/Punk”. After opening up to a whole new world of music, I began to find a sort of calm center in poring over music review websites and databases to find new bands. Each time I do find something good, I feel a great sense of joy and accomplishment. I proceed to listen to whatever album I have found and take in all of its facets. Not just to hear the music but to really listen to it. Trying to understand the meaning and feeling in what I am listening to puts me in a calm, almost zen-like state where I can recuperate from the day’s events and keep the stress from getting to me. Granted, not all of the music is meant to be relaxing or convey mellow emotions, but when I am really listening and diving into the music, even “Brutal Technical Death Metal” can relax me." ~Zach

"One thing that I found really helps me de-stress during the week is to just take my homework to the library, sit on the cushioned benches, and do it there. I know it sounds simple, but it’s definitely more productive than doing it in my dorm. Plus, the sooner I can get the stuff I need to get done out of the way, I can either focus on what I want to do or just sleep (which I don’t get enough of anyway).

Why this is a good idea: First, at the library, I’m not tempted to just put it off for later like I would if I were in my room, because I’m at the library for the sole purpose of completing that specific assignment. Second, the library is a comfortable place, but not too comfortable that I will readily fall asleep like I would if I chose to do my work on the bed; and third, there are other people in the library who are focused on getting their work done, which helps me to focus as well—the good kind of peer pressure." ~Jenna

"In my free time I usually go out to see what’s up in the hallway. Usually one of my friends’ doors are open and they’re in the room killing time, so I go in too. If no one’s doing anything of any particular interest I go back to my dorm and play 360 or get on the internet. Killing time on the internet is easy, that’s what it was designed to do, Youtube is ok but gets boring, chatting on Facebook and playing the free games on there can help waste time as well. Or I get on Wikipedia and just mindlessly surf that and e-bay at the same time. Otherwise I can always watch a movie online, on a side note Gran Torino was a letdown (he didn’t even shoot anyone!). Finally the internet can always be used to play games another thing that it’s good for, and really that’s the best way to waste time on the web and around dorms." ~Bryan

"When I’ve had a bad day, I go on to and read a few posts. This website will put a smile on anyone’s face, no matter how stressful the day has been. The posts are all about crazy things that happen to people, mostly on college campuses. There are lots of references to Star Wars, Harry Potter, costumes, the antics of younger siblings, and ninjas. These posts just make me think, “Yes! I’m not the only one who has a crazy life!” It is so much fun to read. There is also an “average word of the day.” This website just makes me laugh! So if you have free time on your hands that is not sufficient for homework or anything productive, or if you have just had a really bad day, I highly suggest It will make you feel better." ~Chelsea

"While most students utilize North Hall Library to study, print papers, or find research resources, some have found a more unique use for the library's resources -- napping. On more than one occasion I have plopped down in a chair, propped my feet up, opened a book in my lap and grabbed a few quick z's. While I'm not encouraging showing up at the library pajama clad toting a favorite blanket, it is nice to just sit back and relax in the quiet atmosphere of North Hall on one of the many benches, chairs, or bean bag cushions. Just be sure to set a cell phone alarm (on vibrate of course -- it is still a library) so as to not sleep through class." ~Angie

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